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iBeacon based app shortcuts
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Launch Here for iPhone provides the fastest way to launch an app tied to a spot at your home – A timer when you're next to the coffee maker, a remote when you sit down on your sofa or a to do app at your desk.

As soon as you are nearby a placed iBeacon and you turn on your lock screen, the app of your choice will appear as notification - Launch it with a simple swipe. Convenient and efficient.

The right app where you need it. Quick.

Getting started is easy
Place an iBeacon at a spot where you regularily need quick access to an app. Open Launch Here to assign an app or a custom launch URL to that iBeacon. That's it. Next time you open your lock screen the notification will show up.

Our personal favorites
Castro Remote Safari Spotify Timer Fantastical Wunderlist – These apps also come as built-in presets for quick setup.
You can also add other apps supporting launch URLs. Please find a comprehensive list here

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Do I really need an iBeacon?
Yes. Other location service are not precise enough and would only drain your battery. Read about some current options on our Blog

When exactly is the notification triggered? You can set the exact radius within which a notification is triggered – it can be between 0.1m and 5m. No unwanted notifications.

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